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About Our Burlesque Family! 

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

3D Balls in Pride Colors

Our Story

Mary Quite Contrary's House of Burlesque was founded in 2017. We are the premier Burlesque Variety Production based in Moline, IL. Our number one goal is to deliver body positivity, and self empowerment through a creative art form. We produce quarterly shows at The Spotlight Theater and have special performances throughout our community at The Quad Cities Fall Pride Festivals, Varieties Nightclub, Ohana's Neighborhood Bar and ect.


Another way we like to spread body positivity and self empowerment is through our classes. Our most popular class is BURLESQUERCIZE , just a fun new way to move and groove or to get into our local burly scene. Our annual Striptease Academy is held every Fall. It is a 12 week course that helps guide you through burlesque 101 with your very own graduation show! We also teach private and bachelorette classes.

Being active in our community is very important to us, without their support our shows would not be able to happen. We host a annual period party each February, collecting all period hygiene products to take to various women's shelters and or to local non-profits. Along with adopting parks in our community, clean-ups, pet food drives and so much more. We are also very active and supportive of our local LGBTQIA+ community. We strive to create a safe space.  Love is love! 

Meet The Fam!


Misha NuVelle



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